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North Tahoe Democrats invites you to join other members in supporting our mission of education, collaboration and advocacy for progressive change. Annual membership is available at several levels; we appreciate every level of support including additional donations!

Why Join NTD?

Our mission is to empower you to be active on the issues you care about. We focus on:

• We host knowledgeable speakers at our monthly meetings.
• We work to keep you up-to-date on the issues that concern us as group through our newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter feed and website.

• If you want to get involved, we will train you make sure you know about opportunities to make a difference. We liaise with other groups when our interests align and make sure you can participate in meaningful actions to promote our agenda and resist.
• We monitor our elected representatives and let you know when their words and their votes are not matching up and they need to hear from you.
• We keep you apprised of opportunities to support legislation proposed by democrats at our State legislature or in Congress.

• We’ll soon be seeing candidates declare their intent to run. We will be inviting them to speak at NT Dems meetings, and then we’ll mobilize!

• Nothing is more important than electing Democratic candidates in 2018. We will be gearing up, planning ahead, donating and mobilizing to do everything we can as a group to get our candidates elected in November 2018. We’ll also be rallying around Ballot Measures that fit our agenda.

Where does the Membership money go?

As a member, you are always welcome to look at where your money is spent. Many of our current expenses are donated by members in services or in kind, but we do often need to pay for hard costs like  printing, tent rentals, website fees, postage, promotional items and event expenses. We are as frugal as possible, and all work is done by volunteers.

We are also slowly building our modest campaign chest for the 2018 elections. We want to be in a position to make a substantial difference for our candidates, especially those who might not be receiving sufficient funding otherwise.  We want to win!

Why join as a sustaining member?

Part of how effective NT Dems will be will depend our ability to act strategically.  It’s difficult to budget what we can do every given month, when we are uncertain what amount will come in. We want to be able to think ahead.  Can we count on you?

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