"I am a constituent"
How to contact your elected representatives:




steve sisolak (D) Governor

2520 St Rose Pkwy #112,
Henderson, NV 89074
Phone: 702-665-6532



Aaron Ford.jpg

Aaron ford (d)
Attorney General

PO Box 96003
Las Vegas, NV 89193
Phone: 702-772-5544



jackY rosen (D)

Reno: 775-337-0110
Las Vegas: 702-388-0205
Washington DC: 202-224-6244




catherine cortez masto (D) senator

Reno: 775-686-5750
Washington DC: 202-224-3542



ben kieckhefer (R)
senator, district 16

Reno: 775-223-9618



Mark amodei (R)
house of representatives,
district 2

Reno: 775-686-5760
Washington DC: 202-225-5679



lisa krasner (R)
assembly district 26

Reno: 775-420-8411


US Senators serve six-year terms.

US House of Representatives members serve two-year terms; all of Washoe County is in Congressional District (CD) 2.

Washoe County is divided into 8 Nevada Assembly districts, two-year terms. All 8 are on the ballot every election cycle: AD 24, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, 32 & 40.

Washoe County is divided into 4 Nevada Senate seats; they serve four-year terms and therefore each election has half senators on the ballot. Each Senate district is comprised of the area of two Assembly districts: SD 13 (AD24 & AD30), SD 14 (AD31 & AD32), SD 15 (AD25 & AD27), SD 16 (AD26 & AD40).
To find your Nevada State Assembly district and State Senate district click here

Washoe County is divided into 5 County Commission Districts; they serve four-year terms therefore not all commissioners are on the ballot each election.
Washoe County also has County Commission offices: Assessor, Public Administrator, Clerk, Recorder, and Treasurer. Each of these offices has four-year terms.
To find your Washoe County Commission District and precinct click here