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Coralin Glerum

I believe in science and demand that it, and not religion, is used to create policy.
I value the health of our environment and planet.
I know immigrants make our communities and nation stronger.
I defend the rights of all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, religion, orientation or ability to participate in our political, economic and social institutions.
I reject the idea that corporations are people.
For these reasons, I am proudly a North Tahoe Democrat.


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mark sasway

Bio coming soon.








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coral amende

Coral Amende is a self-employed software developer who lives in Incline Village. She is a longtime animal activist and is involved in local environmental causes as well. As a volunteer for the North Tahoe Democrats, she is using her skills to “think globally, act locally.”





elizabeth rutherford

I am so pleased to be a part of an organization like North Tahoe Dems, a group that works consistently and creatively to produce the kind of society that I want to live in. We stand for values that speak to me: equality, education, environment, fair play, concern for each other, among many others. And we strive to ensure that these values are represented in our various governmental entities.



nancy barrett

Having been raised in the blue state of Massachusetts and then living for 30 years in the blue Bay Area, moving to Incline and Nevada was a new political experience. While having volunteered for several groups including the Red Cross and Project Mana, my first deep dive in local politics was canvasing for Hilary Clinton in the primaries. Knocking on doors let me know many others do share my views. Being involved with the North Tahoe Dems has helped continue my education on local, state and national issues.