March Newsletter

Here's what's been happening in Washington.

• The final price tag was reportedly more than $60 million for a pair of books to be written by the Obamas (one each from Michelle and Barack). "With their words and their leadership, they changed the world,” says Penguin Random House CEO Markus Dohle.

• National Security Adviser Mike Flynn is gone. One kook down, many to go.

• Republican hypocrisy continues, with Mitch McConnell accusing Dems of dragging their feet in confirming Trump's nominees. Um, does the word "obstructionism" ring a bell, Mitch? As in 8 years' worth?! Not to mention the stolen Supreme Court seat.

• The only way to get to the bottom of the ties between Russia and the Trump campaign is to appoint a special prosecutor and/or an independent, 9/11-style commission. Unfortunately, Republicans seem completely incurious about Trump & Co.'s Russia connections (not to mention tax returns, conflicts of interest, and ongoing corruption). MoveOn created this terrific television ad demanding answers.

• Take a look at some of the reactions Republican lawmakers are getting at their town halls in this video from The New York Times.

• Check out Indivisible's Response to Immigration Raids and Other Attacks Against Immigrants and Refugees

Dictatorship 101.

Dictatorship 101.

"This is a bunch of scumbags, that's what they are, who are all organized around making money." -Congresswoman Maxine Waters, on Trump and his "Kremlin clan"

"This is a bunch of scumbags, that's what they are, who are all organized around making money." -Congresswoman Maxine Waters, on Trump and his "Kremlin clan"

Illustration by Tim O'Brien

Illustration by Tim O'Brien

Save the Date

March 12 (Sunday):
North Tahoe Dems March Meeting, 4:00 PM
Please bring your favorite appetizer or drink and your friends! All are welcome.
RSVP to Coralin at 714-623-1814 for meeting location details

April 4 (Tuesday):
Washoe Dems Executive Board Elections, 5:30 PM
Pine Middle School, 4800 Neil Road in Reno

March 8 (Thursday): A Day Without a Woman

Action Items

• Become a member of the Washoe Dems Central Committee, who would like more representation from the Tahoe area. If you are a registered Democrat in Washoe County you can vote on the Executive Board nominees. Contact Pam DuPre at

• Download the "5 Calls" app (by Fickle Bits, LLC) to your phone or tablet. This nifty program gives you 5 topics and 5 phone numbers (of your elected representatives) per day. The app also asks which of the topics (e.g., "Prevent dismantling of the EPA") you're interested in and tailors its output to your choices.

• Text your ZIP code to 520-200-2223. You will immediately receive all of your federal and state representatives' phone numbers.

• The New York Times is matching every subscription dollar that comes in for students at America's schools. Although these donations are not tax-deductible, this is a great way to make sure our children are reading facts, not fake news. Annual subscriptions are between $2 and $4 per student. Go here for more info.

How to Contact Your Elected Representatives

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