North Tahoe DemS Meeting july 9, 2017

Meeting:  Tyrolia Clubhouse. Meeting started at 4:30 pm. Board members attending were Coralin Glerum, Coral Amende, Nancy Barrett, Kathleen Watty.

PRESIDENT'S REPORT- coralin glerum

1) Coralin thanked Mark and Diane for use of the building and for all of their work on branding.
2) Several guests were welcomed including Sarah Mahler (Chair of Washoe Dems), Denise Lopez (Exec. Dir. for the Washoe Dems), several representatives from other counties, Tyler (Finance Dir. for Catherine Cortez-Masto), Cory Warfield (Organizer for William McCurdy II) and William McCurdy II (Assemblyman from Las Vegas and chair of NV Dems).
3) Membership drive is on for $25/yr.  Individuals may join on line.  Individuals who make an automatic monthly $25 donation will receive a hat, shirt and pin.
4) The North Tahoe Dems booth on the Village Green on July 3rd and 4th went well with new voters registered and new members.
5) IVGID has agreed to enforce the zero tolerance trash requirements.
6) Tahoe Truckee Dems will have a picnic on July 11th at 6:00 pm at the Gatekeeper’s Museum.
7) Washoe Dems are meeting on July 12th.

GUEST SPEAKER: william mc curdy II

William gave his background growing up in Las Vegas. After dropping out of high school, working, then returning to continue his education he became President of the student body at College of Southern Nevada. He ran for office and got 88% of the general vote.  McCurdy was recently elected Chair for Democrats of the Western States.  
Representative McCurdy then discussed legislative wins regarding vouchers, ERA, women’s health and solar.  
McCurdy expressed that NV Dems need to rebuild trust with Northern Nevada and rural counties to get Dems elected and re-elected. He believes the strength of the Dems is in the neighborhoods. He wants to engage young people. Recently the Nevada Dems received grant funding from DNC to hire organizers for Northern and Southern NV. He acknowledged that turnout is critical in an off-year election.  
McCurdy believes that Trumps orders/plans are bad for tourism, education and the infrastructure. McCurdy advocates for opportunity, equality, and a fair shot.  
When asked about criminal justice reform McCurdy discussed legislation that will give individuals who previously could not get their records sealed the opportunity to get them sealed so they have a better opportunity at employment. In addition this legislation decreases the time before records can be sealed. A second piece of legislation no longer allows applications to ask if convicted of a felony. Potential employers can ask later in the interviewing process but this allows individuals to get past the initial obstacle. Bill 259 regarding vacating and sealing past marijuana convictions for less than 1 ounce was vetoed.  

When asked how we moved forward McCurdy stated the Dems need:
1) Clear and concise messaging;
2) Precinct level organizing to share messaging and accomplishments and to be at all events; and,
3) Active young people.
Other questions asked and issues discussed included:
- Catherine Cortez Masto’s appearances;
- Medicaid for all (which was vetoed);
- Cost to Nevada if lose Medicaid in current senate bill (1/4 billion dollars);
- Loss of transportation dollars:
- Holding Amodei accountable;
- Voter suppression and the need to elect a Democrat as Secretary of State;
- Cyber security related to voting;
- Concerns with Nevada caucuses;
- Need for clear messaging, communications and how to plug-in;
- Candidate recruitment; and,
- Affordable housing.

Rick Shepherd spoke regarding the need for a Democrat for Secretary of State so Nevada can move forward on:
- Automatic voter registration;
- Mail-in ballots; and,
- Rank choice voting.

Next meeting is August 13th

Meeting adjourned at 6:35 pm