I. Name

The name of this organization is the North Tahoe Democrats (NTD) and is commonly known as North Tahoe Dems.

ii. mission

The NTD encourage residents of the North Lake Tahoe Area to actively and knowledgeably participate in the political process and uphold the values of the Democratic Party.

III. purpose

The purposes of this organization are:

  1. To increase the number of Democrats in public office.
  2. To increase the number of Democrats in the North Lake Tahoe area.
  3. To educate North Lake Tahoe residents about political issues.
  4. To encourage North Lake Tahoe Democrats to participate in the political process.
  5. To recruit and assist NTD members to seek public office.
  6. To advance the principles of the Democratic Party.

IV. charter provisions

1. The Democratic Party of Washoe County (DPWC) Central Committee and its elected Executive Board shall be considered the parent organization of the NTD. The NTD must conform to the rules, bylaws, and mission of the DPWC and the Nevada State Democratic Party (NSDP)
2. NTD endorsements or ratings of candidates for public office and NTD positions on ballots measures shall be pursuant to the Standing Rules, Bylaws and Charters of the DPWC and the NSDP.
3. Contributions of any kind must be coordinated with the Executive Director of the DPWC to ensure compliance with state and federal campaign finance laws and regulations, and adherence to the Affiliated Organization Charter granted by the DPWC.
4. Official digital and standard media communication from the NTD will concern organization business only and will be coordinated with the DPWC. This communication will be consistent with the message of the Democratic Party and its party leaders.

v. membership

1. Any person who is a registered Democrat, lives in the North Lake Tahoe Area, and subscribes to the stated purpose of the NTD shall be eligible for membership in the NTD.
2. Every person who is eligible to be a member of the NTD and who has paid annual dues shall be a member in good standing.
3. Annual dues may be changed as needed by a majority vote of the NTD Executive Board.
4. Only members in good standing will be eligible to vote in business matters of the NTD.
5. Individuals, including non-citizens who are not registered Democrats in Washoe County may become associate members of the NTD. Associate members shall pay dues, but are not eligible to vote or hold a position on the Executive Board. No person registered with another political party may be an associate member.
6. Membership records shall be confidential and will not be shared with any organization except the Democratic Party.

vi. executive board

1. The governing body of the NTD shall be comprised of five officers. These include Chair, Vice Chair of Programs, Vice Chair of Communications, Secretary and Treasurer.
2. All officers shall be active voting registered Democrats.
3. Officers shall be elected to two year terms and are not subject to term limits. For the first election only, Secretary and Vice Chair of Communications will serve one year in order to stagger Executive Board elections in the future.
4. Duties of the Executive Board:
       A. Create committees to aid in the purposes of the NTD
       B. Maintain the fiscal health of the NTD. Two Executive Board members must sign every check
       C. Develop and maintain an operating budget
       D. Approve and oversee projects in line with the mission of the NTD
5. Duties of the elected officers:
Chair. The chair sets the agenda for and presides over all meetings of the Executive Board and of the membership. Appoints chairs of all committees; serves as the official representative of the NTD in public forums or appoints others as needed; makes decisions for the NTD on policy when empowered to do so by the NTD Executive Board; advises membership of matters affecting the welfare of the NTD; disperses funds of the NTD within limits set by the Executive Board; acts as Treasurer in the absence or inability of the Treasurer.
Vice Chair of Programs. This Vice Chair shall chair the Program Committee; meet the goals of the strategic plan; preside at meetings of the Executive Board in the absence or inability of the Chair; ensures membership participation in varied activities; programing and events of NTD and DPWC; perform other duties as the Chair may direct.
Vice Chair of Communications. This Vice Chair shall chair the Communications Committee; shall implement digital communications, website and social media strategies; distribute notices and maintain NTD calendar; create media plan to use local media and partners to communicate the NTD’s events, issues and successes; perform other duties as the Chair may direct.
Secretary. The Secretary shall serve as a liaison between other affiliate groups and the NTD; maintain a record of all meetings of the Executive Board and of the membership; present minutes of previous meetings at the current Executive Board meetings; maintain history of elected officials, committees, standing rules, bylaws; ensure that Executive Board meetings or membership meetings are conducted in accordance with Rosenberg’s Rules of Order; perform other duties as the Chair may direct.
Treasurer. The Treasurer shall develop and chair the Fundraising and Finance Committee; maintain the financial records of the NTD; provide a quarterly written report of the financial status of the NTD to the Executive Board; provide all information necessary for periodic audits as may be directed by the Executive Board; present an annual written report to the DPWC Central Committee; perform other duties as the Chair may direct.
6. Any mid-term vacancy on the Executive Board shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Board.
7. Grounds for Removal
       A. Change in party affiliation
       B. Non- attendance from three (3) consecutive Executive Board meetings.
       C. Gross negligence or malfeasance.
       D. Failure to carry out the duties of the office.
       E. Active support or endorsement of opposition candidates where a Democrat is a candidate.

VII. Meetings

1. The Executive Board will meet no fewer than nine (9) times annually and meetings will be open to all members unless the majority of the Executive Board votes for a closed session. A meeting requires at least three (3) Executive Board members in attendance.
2. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. All decisions require a quorum. A quorum consists of three (3) of the five (5) Executive Board members.
3. Membership meetings will be held at least twice each year including a meeting in May for the purpose of electing officers and approving the strategic plan.
4. Timely notice (minimum of seven (7) days) will be given to the membership before all meetings.
5. Rosenberg’s Rules of order will be used for all meetings.

VIII. Elections

1. Officers shall be elected at a membership meeting in May.
2. Officers shall assume office at the first Executive Board meeting following the election.
3. Because NTD is chartered under the DPWC, all NTD officers must be registered Democrats in Nevada.
4. Officers may be nominated from the floor immediately prior to the voting for each office.
5. The election of officers shall be by secret ballot unless there is only one person running for an office, at which point the Chair may call for a voice vote.
6. In the event of a vacancy of any office except Chair, the Executive Board shall select a new officer to fulfill the remainder of the outgoing officer’s term.
7. In the event of a vacancy in the Chair’s office, the Vice Chair of Programs shall assume the office of the Chair and the Executive board shall recruit and select a person to fulfill the remainder of the Vice Chair of Program’s term.
8. To be eligible to vote in any NTD election, members must be in good standing.

IX. Questions

Questions of interpretation of these bylaws may be addressed to the Executive Board. The Executive Board’s decisions are final.

X. Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by submission of the proposed amendment in writing at least 14 days before a membership meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present at the meeting is required for passage of the amendment.

Bylaws created and revised April 29, 2016 by Coralin Glerum